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On-Site Training

An EEOC representative will deliver training at your worksite! Choose from a standardized course or a customized program designed to meet your organization's needs.

Who Can Benefit From On-Site Training

Everyone! Employees (directors, managers, human resources professionals, attorneys, team leaders, and non-managerial staff) need to know about the anti-discrimination laws which govern the workplace. The more employees know, the less time and resources your organization will expend addressing EEO complaints. Educate your staff and everybody wins!

What topics are offered as On-Site Training?

The On-Site Training program can deliver topics on any EEO-related subject to your employees. We can even tailor the training to meet your organization's needs. Our most requested topics include workplace harassment, responding to requests for religious and disability accommodations, age discrimination, an overview of the governing EEOC statutes, and EEO complaint processing.

For more information on our On-Site Training program:

Federal Agencies - Send an email to FederalTrainingandOutreach@eeoc.gov.
Please include the following information in your e-mail: the training topics, time frame or estimated dates, location of the training and a point of contact and their information.

Private Employers/State and Local Governments - Contact your nearest EEOC Outreach Program Coordinator https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/outreach/coordinators.cfm or Michelle Crew, michelle.crew@eeoc.gov.